World Cup Final with MC-Bauchemie

Maracanã and other World Cup stadiums benefit from MC-Bauchemie Expertise

Bottrop, 10 July 2014. The Maracanã in Rio is one of the most famous football stadiums in the world. And this Sunday it again takes centre stage as it hosts the FIFA 2014 World Cup Final. It was extensively refurbished specifically for this huge event, with the clients and planning engineers opting for product systems from MC-Bauchemie as part of the solution. MC know-how is also integral to the fabric of the other World Cup stadiums in Brazil.

From September 2010 through to early 2013, the Maracanã was a busy building site. Up to 5,200 people were involved at some time or other on the comprehensive upgrade of this famous stadium, ensuring that it was finished in time for the 2013 Confederations Cup. More than 80,000 m³ of concrete was poured into place, having been optimised with additives from MC Brazil for a wide range of different conditions and applications. Other MC products such as grouting mortars, PCC concrete replacement systems, floor coatings and concrete cosmetic fillers were also employed. The concrete repair and refurbishment work extended to all the grandstands and concrete ceilings. In addition, some of the concrete pillars were restored with MC injection technology.

Specialists in the construction and repair of sports venues
MC’s expertise was also utilised in the construction or refurbishment and modernisation of the other World Cup stadiums. The concrete technologists from MC provided exactly the right additives for each concrete mix required for a particular location, ensuring better application and control on site as well as attainment of the requisite quality level. Concrete cosmetic fillers from MC were employed to repair flaws, and the company’s post-treatment, curing and formwork release agents likewise helped in achieving the desired results.

Concrete components were repaired, sealed and protected using epoxy- and polyurethane-based product systems, with polymer-modified mortars, grouting mortars and injection systems also being applied for crack and joint sealing purposes. Heavily frequented floors, ramps and changing room areas were provided with MC floor coating systems that not only offer high mechanical and chemical resistance but also meet the aesthetic demands of promoters and planners in terms of design and colour compatibility – ensuring durability combined with attractive user-friendliness.