MC-Bauchemie exhibits injection technology at ICOLD 2014 in Bali

MC-Bauchemie participated as an exhibitor at the ICOLD fair in Bali (Indonesia) from 3 to 6 June just passed. Together with PACA, a specialist Indonesian applicator that has been working with MC product systems for many years now, experts from MC presented a range of the company’s injection systems and methods for sealing and stabilising dams, barrages, tunnels and similar hydraulic engineering structures. This year the trade show welcomed participants and exhibitors from a total of 100 countries.

The practical demonstrations provided by MC at the exhibition booth met with huge interest on the part of visitors to the fair. Application engineers from MC presented their specialist geotechnical injection systems for sealing, consolidating and stabilising foundation soil, as well as systems for sealing joints and cracks in structural components, with many consultations ensuing.

The injection technologies provided by MC are based on duromer, elastomer and hydro structure resins, plus various mineral suspensions, and are world leaders in their respective fields. They quickly and durably protect endangered structures such as dams, barrages or tunnels against water erosion, leakage or ingress, thus returning them to a more stable state. And these systems are in high demand not only in Europe but also and particularly in Asia and South America where there are so many dams and barrages.

About the ICOLD
The ICOLD exhibition is an annual event organised by the International Commission on Large Dams (the eponymous ICOLD). It is aligned to a professional, international audience of developers, promoters, architects, planners, specifiers, constructors and applicators, providing information on the latest innovations in civil and structural engineering, and the restoration and repair of dams and barrages in particular. This year the trade show welcomed participants and exhibitors from a total of 100 countries.

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ICOLD 2014, Bali