New high-performance roller coating for floors, usable down to 2°C and in the wet

MC-Floor TopSpeed enables applicators to continue coating floors even in the wet and cold

When it’s cold and wet in autumn and winter, applicators are often left twiddling their thumbs because conventional PU- and EP-based floor coatings undergo unwanted reactions in damp and/or low-temperature conditions. But there’s new, high-performance MC-Floor TopSpeed roller coating compound from MC-Bauchemie. MC-Floor TopSpeed can be simply, quickly and reliably applied even in the wet and where the thermometer shows just 2° C, thus extending the working year for applicators by up to two months in many parts of Europe. This MC innovation harnesses a special material technology originally developed for the power plant construction sector and now adapted to internal and external floor coating applications. MC-Floor TopSpeed offers a wide range of uses: access landings, balconies, terraces, garages, basements, stairways, even entire workshops, and many underfoot surfaces besides. 

Conventional floor coatings based on polyurethane and epoxy resin can usually be applied at temperatures between 8 and 30° C. Under cooler conditions and in the wet, or indeed just in the presence of ambient moisture, they are less reliable, developing problems such as lack of adhesion, reduced long-term bonding, bubbles, pits and porosities. Now, applicators can avoid such risks by turning to MC-Floor TopSpeed. Moisture and wet conditions actually accelerate the curing process of MC-Floor TopSpeed, while also increasing adhesion, abrasion hardness and scratch resistance. Low temperatures also have no adverse effect on the application result, because MC-Floor TopSpeed can be readily rolled at temperatures from 35 down to just 2° C. The roller coating also has a pot life of up to two hours once the two components have been thoroughly mixed. So that leaves plenty of time to get the job done –without the usual stress. 

Fast-curing and quickly ready for foot traffic 
Once applied, the coating cures really quickly. It is rain-proof after 30 minutes and ready to walk on or for the next stage of the work in just two hours. After half a day, the surface can take a full mechanical load. And the benefits? Fewer interruptions, less downtime, minimized waiting and fewer trips to the site. All of which mean lower costs for the applicator. 

Abrasion and scratch resistance 
MC-Floor TopSpeed offers exceptionally high UV-stability, which means it remains protected against yellowing, even when constantly in use and exposed to sun radiation. It also exhibits optimal scratch resistance and a high level of abrasion hardness compared to conventional coatings. Indeed, its abrasion resistance per EN ISO 5470-1 is one hundred times better than the minimum value specified in EN 1502-4. Similarly, its impact resistance certified per ISO 6272-1 at 8 Nm is 100 per cent better that the value required according to EN 1504-2. All these properties serve to protect heavily used floors – both internal and external – on a long-term basis. MC-Floor TopSpeed is available in various colours, with different finishes using decorative chips and coloured quartz sand included in the range. Anti-slip floor coatings can also be supplied on the basis of this technology. 

On access landings, balconies, terraces, garage floors, basement floors and stairways, MC-Floor TopSpeed does the job, even when it’s cold and wet – with simple handling, short drying times and rapid readiness for use – saving applicators both time and money.